When executives have someone to guide them, openly and safely, they make good decisions both for themselves and for their organization.

Be your best self

In my over 30 years in executive search I have found that there is a consistent theme I hear when I meet with senior executives who are near a time of transition. “What is the next step in my work life?” “Should I stay or leave?” “Who will I be if I give up my corporate title?” “What is my bigger purpose/mission?”

Executives often come to me in times of specific career junctures; when considering leaving corporate life for the next chapter which could be board work, nonprofit engagement or some other pursuit; or to improve their success when undergoing an active job search. Sometimes they just need a sounding board to map out the next step in their career trajectory. I have also found that my clients have employees to whom they are committed, and who could use help in thinking about the next chapter in their careers. These executives are reluctant to take the leap because they can’t imagine what the next step could look like. Companies realize that if their executives were to have someone to guide them, openly and safely, they would probably make good decisions both for themselves and for the organization.

My unique approach is direct, insightful, warm and personalized. It is not a “cookie cutter” or formulaic approach. Since each executive has unique needs, my services are designed specifically around individual objectives. They include a job search strategy, developing a target list and resume review; interview preparation and debriefing, crafting “elevator” speeches and introductory approaches; sometimes where appropriate, introductions to organizations and my global search partners; and reviewing opportunities throughout the process to ensure alignment with goals. For corporate clients, my services can also include on-boarding, coaching, and update reports. I am also able to provide executive assessment testing for an additional fee.

Besides typical 60-90 minute sessions, I make myself available on an as needed basis for quick updates and check-ins during the process to give and get “real time” feedback.


  • Job Search Strategy
  • Target List Development
  • Resume Review
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Debriefing
  • Crafting “Elevator” Speeches and Introductory Approaches
  • Help in Dealing with Unique Situations
  • Introductions to Organizations and Global Search Partners
  • Presentation Prep
  • Validation of Executives Plans
  • Review of Opportunities and Alignment with Goals
  • General Sounding Board
  • On-boarding Coaching Update Reports
  • Assessment testing for an additional fee

My decision to engage Chadick Advisors’ transition advisory practice has yielded considerable ROI in a very short period. Susan is a brilliant listener who patiently guides (and challenges) one through an important career introspection process to tease out a clear understanding of their desired career trajectory. Chadick Advisors has tools and strategies available for the creation of marketing materials (e.g. resume, LinkedIn profile, networking brief etc) and the development of a sound marketing strategy that accelerates this process and helps client to differentiate themselves from other candidates.
— Eric Bachmann

I wanted to take the time to tell you how very important you’ve been in my career journey, which has in turn improved my personal life and well-being immeasurably. You’ve been a patient, focused, and empathetic listener—with backbone and wisdom, encouraging me to ask myself tough (at times uncomfortable) questions, and holding my feet to the fire so I would be honest with myself and get the best outcome. You helped me see my own value when I lacked confidence and gave me the courage to listen to my inner voice, figure out what I really want, and move toward it. I’m in a far better place professionally and personally, and much healthier physically and mentally—all of which I attribute to the changes I’ve made, which I might never have done without you.
— Ellen Anthony