Some transition observations I'd like to share with you

As I walk the talk of my own transition while also guiding others in this stage, I'd like to share the following observations:

  • Letting go is easier than expected – have not looked back! I like this New life! 
  • People with whom I had a genuine relationship remain close and interested in my journey. Those more ‘transaction’ based fade away. 
  • Each day is different – time to be filled with intention versus routine – takes thought and work! 
  • Not being in the same place every day allows for repeat outfits – fewer wardrobe changes! 
  • Personal Rule – Have at least one meal a day with someone who is not a family member. 
  • 10,000 steps of the Fitbit achieved almost every day, so far Max of 14,000 steps – just being local in and out of the ‘city’. 
  • Still waking up before 6 am. Maybe this will never change. 
  • OK with giving full capability to new endeavors. Find the appreciation is higher, income and stress lower. Good ratio for this stage. 
  • Reject the word retired. Working differently but not ‘not working’ – need a new word to reflect how boomers are transitioning – ideas?