To us, each assignment is critical, each client a priority, and each candidate unique. We are passionate client advocates, committed to helping both our clients and candidates achieve success.



As a boutique executive search firm with global reach, each search is partner-led to deliver responsive, thorough and creative solutions to our clients. We are not siloed; we work across sector and functional disciplines, with collaboration across the entire organization. Our highly tailored search process is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are unique in our responsiveness to clients and candidates alike and in presenting and placing the highest percentage of diverse candidates. We represent clients in the market with excellent communication, a seamless process and a professionalism that augments our clients’ image.

Our Executive Search Process

  • Understanding the Situation 
    Interview key executives to understand the challenges and objectives of the position, as well as the key attributes, competencies and expectations required of the successful candidate. Develop a comprehensive position specification.

  • Industry Due Diligence
    Develop a target list of companies and source talent. Strategically position the search to attract the best talent and provide market intelligence important to the search.

  • Potential Candidates
    Develop a list of potential candidates to discuss on weekly or bi-weekly calls. Provide backgrounds, experiences, education and other relevant information. 

  • Candidate Due Diligence
    Interview, assess and provide in-depth assessments of top candidates to discuss on search status review calls. Discuss top candidates client should interview, ensuring competency and cultural fit. 

  • Interviewing & Presenting
    Schedule a diverse slate of priority candidates who will successfully deliver on the stated objectives for the position. Present the highest qualified slate of diverse candidates.

  • Selection & Offer
    Advise on competencies of finalists, check references and negotiate compensation package for the benefit of the client, as well as the candidate. Enhance the assessment process with a qualitative and quantitative approach (Hogan Assessment Systems).

  • Search Completed
    Closeout search with candidates not selected and conduct follow-up discussions with the successful candidate over next 18 months. Ensure candidate selected and candidates not selected feel good about the process.

Chadick Advisor’s consultative abilities are huge. They helped me position the job and reporting structure, sort through our current requirements, advise us on the optimum onboarding process and considered my company’s future needs.
— President & CEO F1000 Life Insurance & Annuity Company

I’ve checked 3 references and will check a 4th by noon today. After talking to the first 3 I have no doubt that you are the partner to help us find the right person. I hope that someday people talk about me and my company the way they talk about you.
— CEO, Professional Employer Organization Portfolio Company of a Leading Private Equity Platform